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Disposable Pod System.

Think Hi pods are the original compact disposable system – with its straight-forward approach and minimalist design, Think Hi Pods offer a discreet & hassle-free cannabis experience.

ThinkHi Products DO NOT Contain PG, VG, Vitamin E Acetate, or any Diketones

Pesticide Free

Cat 3 Compliant

No Fillers

Free of Heavy Metals

Lab Tested Twice

Disposable Size

No bigger than the size of an Apple
Watch, our unique pod delivery system delivers a full 0.5 grams of premium cannabis. 

The perfect No BS companion stripped down to only the essentials making it more about the oil and contributing less disposable waste than any other cart in the cannabis industry.

You ask - We listen.

The Pod Version 2.0

Pre-filled & Ready-to-Use:

Each box contains one pod. Each pod contains oil, atomizer, & battery. No Cartridges! No Charging! No Leaks!

Small but Powerful:

This sleek design (about the same size of the Apple Watch 4) offers 270 mAh worth of power - more than other disposable devices on the market.

Automatic-Draw Technology:

No buttons! Simply place mouth over the corner with the white arrow indicator & inhale. Device is automatically activated every time you inhale.